Why Bynsa

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Grupo Bynsa was founded in 1988 to produce and market cat and dog food for both specialist stores with their own brands and also for mass market retailers.
In 2007 we became MERCADONA's intersupplier; producing cat and dog food exclusively for Mercadona under the COMPY brand and later we launched a wide range of snacks under the Bobby and Lucy brands, also exclusively for Mercadona. We are making extensive improvements to our factory in order to meet the objectives set by this new project: modernisation of the manufacturing processes, renovation of our machinery, creation of a new extrusion line, expansion of our facilities and our workforce.

Through our effort and dedication and a profound respect for people and animals, we constantly improve our range of products to meet the requirements of an ever more demanding marketplace and so offer products of the highest quality with a high nutritional value and excellent service. All of this under the premise of food safety.

Today, the Bynsa Group is a well-established company in the pet food area and is number one in the domestic market.


BYNSA GROUP designs and produces extruded foodstuffs for cats and dogs, complying with the legal requirements relating to food safety, quality and the environment.
The fundamental principles of our company policy are:
  • A commitment to food safety – we guarantee that our processes and products comply with all legal requirements applicable to the specifications and with the clients’ requirements.
  • A commitment to our workforce - we promote the active participation and personal and professional development of all our workers in an environment of mutual respect and teamwork. We strive to expand abilities and skills of our workforce with the aim to have the best professionals who are committed to food safety, the environment and continual improvement. We encourage our workers to be proactive and productive through a critical spirit and a feeling of pride to be part of the company.
  • A commitment to the environment by minimising our environmental impact and preventing pollution, fomenting sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • A commitment to society through job security and wealth creation for the community.
  • A commitment to continual improvement and innovation in order to perfect our range of products and processes to meet the demands of a changing marketplace and to achieve a position of leadership in the marketplace.
  • A commitment to quality through the daily effort of the whole workforce who produce the highest quality products with a high nutritional value and offer excellent service.
  • A commitment to our clients. Our aim is to maintain a collaborative relationship with both our clients and our suppliers and together to meet the demands of the marketplace. Our products and services must meet the needs and expectations of the consumer and therefore we must know them intimately. Maintaining the loyalty of the consumer is vital for continued growth and the consolidation of the company.
  • A commitment to sustainability to obtain adequate financial and operational results that guarantee the continuity, growth and the generation of wealth for the environment.

The acceptance of the commitments laid out above is the basis and drive for the establishment of plans, objectives and goals consistent with the nature of our activities and the environmental impacts caused. These commitments will be revised at appropriate intervals to ensure their validity and relevancy to our changing reality and are available to the whole personnel of the organization and any interested party.

To manage the system in the areas of food safety, quality and the environment we have opted to implement the IFS, BRC, UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015 standards in an integrated and coordinated manner, favouring simplicity, efficiency and the use of resources.

The Management would like to stress the relevance of the commitment we have acquired and we commit ourselves to ensure that the means are available to develop, deploy and implement of all the processes to make this Policy reality.


To achieve the highest quality and food safety we have a workforce that strives for continued improvement to meet the demands of an ever more demanding and ever changing marketplace. All of this, with the utmost respect for the environment and our surroundings.

We have a self-control and management system that ensures we comply with the required production and quality standards, which are periodically audited, both internally and externally.

Currently, we have the ISO Certification concerning Quality and Environment (UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2004), as well as the international certifications IFS with the highest score (Higher Level) and BRC Certification, which guarantee food safety in all our production process.

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The BYNSA GROUP has been in the cat and dog food industry for many years.
In 2007, Mercadona offered us a project to manufacture the whole range of COMPY dry food for supermarkets they had at that time and those they were opening in their constant expansion in the following years.

Since then, thanks to this relationship of ‘intersupplier’, Bynsa has bet on innovation and on covering all the needs of pets. Our guarantee is endorsed by the steady growth of our products under the COMPY brand, which for us and our customers is a sign of quality.

The success of this relationship lies in the synergies achieved with Mercadona and its environment, and by eliminating everything superfluous and that does not add value to the final product from the chain. There is no advertising or middlemen, which reduces costs to a minimum and allows us to offer the highest quality at very competitive prices.

Our goal is to carry on leading all the pet food categories with COMPY the number one brand in Spain.